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About Us

The central purpose and role of Tennessee State Veterans' Homes is to:

  • Provide quality of care and quality of life for our veterans.
  • Rehabilitate residents to the maximum attainable level of independent functioning by utilizing all necessary
    governmental and community services and therapies, and to provide a comfortable, safe, sanitary environment
    conducive to personal happiness.
  • Make available to residents, social and cultural activities of personal interest designed to foster feelings of dignity and self-respect.
  • Meet the individual needs of each resident to the greatest extent possible.

History of Tennessee State Veterans' Homes

The governing body for the Tennessee State Veterans Homes is the Tennessee State Veterans Homes Board with responsibility for oversight of the day-to-day management and operations vested in the Executive Committee of the Board. Members of the Board are appointed by the Governor to serve a 3-year term. The Executive Committee exercises its authority for planning, implementation and operation of the State Veterans’ Homes through the Executive Director and his or her staff. Administrators at each facility are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facilities.

The first home opened in Murfreesboro on June 10, 1991. Located on a seven acre lot, deeded to the Board by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, adjacent to the Alvin C. York V.A. Medical Center, this is a 140 bed facility offering intermediate and skilled levels of nursing care in a one-story building encompassing 69,278 square feet. Legislation passed by the General Assembly in 1993 provided for construction of a second facility in Humboldt Tennessee. Also a 140 bed facility offering intermediate and skilled levels of nursing care, this one-story building encompassing some 74,870 square feet opened February 7, 1996. The third home in Knox County opened in December 2006. This 140 bed facility, offers intermediate and skilled levels of nursing care in a spacious 73,065 square foot, one-story building. In each of the three facilities, 20 of the beds are located in a secure, special needs unit.

All residents are cared for in such a manner and in such an environment as to promote enhancement of their quality of life without abridging the safety and rights of other residents. An interdisciplinary team approach to resident life is utilized to assure the quality of life. Residents and family members are involved in the care planning process, and resident participation is encouraged through a functioning resident council. Residents' rights are posted and enforced as delineated in current federal and state standards.

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